Maximum expression of a modularity without limits, this bookcase allows you to equip walls of different sizes, from the hanging areas of kitchens to the walls of large wine bars, bars or restaurants.
Ideal for attics or lofts, for places of conversation with friends or for wine tasting rooms, it fills the unused spaces furnishing them with refined simplicity.
It is the cutting edge solution for storing precious bottles and naturally adapts to convivial environments.
The warmth transmitted by the precious wood essences and the paintings that recall the colors of the wine make it a truly unique piece of furniture.
The modular bookcase is entirely made of laser-cut iron, in which cavities can be placed bottles of different sizes, ensuring proper conservation of the wine.
Used as a single element, it allows to equip walls of multiple dimensions thanks to the 50×50, 75×75 or 50×100 cm versions. The modules have two different depths, 18cm and 34cm, to be able to place the bottles either vertically or horizontally.
The dimensions, however small, make it possible to adapt the modules in domestic environments, completing them with a touch of originality.
The wine library is also available in its ground version. The mixture of precious woods and raw materials gives an authentic flavor to this element, an ideal link between different spaces.
The natural elegance of the sides in solid oak, lightening the iron modules, helps the insertion in modern or traditional settings and improves the functionality of the product allowing access to the bottles at the top and bottom with ease.
The different metal finishings, allow the characterization of the environments. The different coupled modules are suitable for placing in large rooms.


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